Government Relations

The Cannabis Science Research Foundation is at the forefront of pharmaceutical grade phytocannabinoid research and development. Eventually, all Americans will have access to a safe and effective FDA approved medicine regardless of which state they live in. To maintain that phytocannabinoids are a dangerous, addictive drug with no medical value is scientifically absurd. Phytocannabinoid medicines, with no effective lethal dose, are far safer than aspirin, acetaminophen, and most other OTC drugs that kill thousands of Americans every year.

Because phytocannabinoids are still labeled as a Schedule I drug by the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration and FDA, the possibilities for much needed research are limited. Changing this classification on a governmental level is paramount to moving forward with phytocannabinoid medicine. The Foundation is dedicated to making these strides forward to unleash the endless possibilities of phytocannabinoid treatments.