Creating A Standard For Safe & Effective Cannabinoid Medicine

Creating A Standard  For Safe & Effective Cannabinoid Medicine

At the Cannabis Science Research Foundation, we understand that evidence-based research is paramount to creating a standard for safe and effective cannabinoid medicine.

There are many therapeutic applications of cannabinoids, with countless individuals reporting decreases in their symptoms and increases in their overall quality of life. The medical community is in need of more research in this area, and the Cannabis Science Research Foundation makes this possible.

Because of the many ailments that phytocannabinoids can treat, we take a holistic approach to our research. Our first ailment of focus is cancer, a complex and devastating disease. We are the driving force behind education, better treatments, and exciting new therapies. Our research is conducted in the lab, but also in direct contact with patients, who are the true examples of what cannabinoid medicine can do. Every improvement made in our laboratory setting impacts the next level of cannabinoid research and advancement in therapies. We gain insight into cannabinoid medicine through the following pathways:

  • Preclinical research
  • Clinical Trials
  • Laboratory testing
  • Translational research
  • Medicine formulations

Not only is our research conducted in the traditional avenues listed above, but we also strive to take a comprehensive approach through our specialized programs. We provide support for patients, an online community, and advocacy at the government level.

The Cannabis Science Research Foundation is committed to patients and the desire to rid the world of the many ailments that afflict humans today through safe and effective means.